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Are you looking to take your Arabic language skills to the next level and reach an advanced proficiency? Our Arabic course for advanced learners is tailored to help you achieve fluency and a deeper understanding of the language. Here are all the key details you need to get started:

Course Duration:

  • Our Arabic course for advanced learners spans over 4 months, providing you with a comprehensive and thorough learning experience.

Class Schedule:

  • You will have one class per week, allowing you to balance your studies with your other commitments.

Flexible Timing:

  • We understand the importance of flexibility in scheduling. Our course offers flexible timings, enabling you to choose a schedule that suits your personal commitments and preferences.

Why Learn Arabic:

  • Arabic is a language with a rich cultural heritage and history. It’s spoken by millions worldwide and can open doors to unique opportunities in business, travel, and cultural exchanges.

What You Will Learn:

Course Content:

  1. Date and months
  2. Formal and Academic Language
  3. Question words
  4. Sports
  5.  Future tense
  6. In the restaurant
  7. Time
  8. Transportation
  9. An imperative tense
  10. Specialized Vocabulary
  11. Advanced Expressions and Idioms
  12. Professional Development
  13. Media Literacy
  14. Adverbs of time
  15. Advanced Reading and Writing
  16. Graduating party and wedding party


Enroll Now:

  • Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your Arabic language skills to an advanced level. Enroll now in our advanced course and experience a new level of mastery in Arabic.

Join our Arabic course for advanced learners and experience the joy of mastering the language at an advanced level. Embark on your advanced Arabic language journey today!