Bachir Halimi Digital Pioneer of Arabic Computing

A digital collage with Arabic calligraphy and circuitry surrounding a central portrait of Bachir Halimi, labeled as a computer scientist.

Bachir Halimi: The Algerian innovator who digitized Arabic for computing A Visionary’s Beginnings The Algerian Roots and Early Inspirations Bachir Halimi’s story begins in Algeria, where his early interest in languages and technology planted the seeds for his future achievements. Amidst the nascent stage of computer science, Halimi was drawn to the complexities and beauty […]

From Ancient Arabic Scripts to Silicon Chips

The image depicts a blend of ancient Arabic scholarship and modern technology, with a central book linking the two through historic figures and contemporary scientists, set against a backdrop of a traditional library and a modern lab.

From Ancient Arabic Scripts to Silicon Chips Hey there! Let’s take a stroll back in time and explore how ancient Arabic scripts have blossomed into the silicon chips we can’t live without today. This blog post is all about celebrating the awesome stuff Arabic scholars did back in the day during the Islamic Golden Age […]